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The Power Lines of Your Body

Nervous System

How are messages transmitted along your nervous system?Interestingly enough, messages travel from your brain to yourvarious body parts via electricity, in much the same way cable television signals travel from the cable company to your house, orin the same way that this web page traveled from our web servers to your computer.



SynapsesAre your Synapses Firing?

Remember that the cells making up your nervous system are called neurons. Neurons are connected to other neurons, as well as to other tissues within the body via synapses. The location where a neuron connects to another cell is called a synapse.


When a message is transferred through a neuron it passes to the next neuron via an amazing fast chemical and electrical reaction. Because of its lightning speed, it is often said that a person’s synapses are firing when they are in deep thought. Regardless of whether you are solving a problem, or taking a nap, your synapses are always busy transporting messages.