The Heart


The job of your heart is to pump blood through your body. Even in your sleep, your heart keeps beating, or pumping blood. If it stopped, you would quickly die. Your heart is divided into two sides separated by a septum. The left side of your heart is filled with oxygen-rich blood, while the right side of your heart is filled with oxygen-poor blood. Each side of your heart is further broken into two chambers known as the atrium and the ventricle.Each side of the heart has an atrium and a ventricle for a total of four chambers.


Heart And LungsYour right atrium takes in the oxygen-poor blood. It is then pumped to your lungs via the right ventricle. In your lungs, your blood again fills up with oxygen and returns to your heart. Your blood now enters the left atrium of your heart. It is then pumped out to your body via your left ventricle.