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The Esophagus

Our esophagus is like a waterslide

Now you are holding a hotdog in your hand with a bite missing out of it. In your mouth you have a small wet ball of mashed up hotdog, bun, ketchup, mustard,and saliva. So what’s next?


EsophagusThe Esophagus, the Waterslide of the Body

Uh Oh!! Here it comes. Wait… you swallow it. That wet ball of broken up hotdog begins a long journey towards the cells of your body. At this point it is still much too big to fit inside any of your tiny cells. Even the smallest pieces would be far too large to do your cells any good.


After swallowing your hotdog bite, it enters into your esophagus.The esophagus is like a long slippery waterslide. Muscles within your esophagus squeeze the food down towards your stomach. Whether you are standing up, laying down or hanging upside down, you can safely swallow a bite of food, because the muscles within your esophagus know that their job is to send food in only one direction… towards your stomach.


Esophagus is like a waterslide