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Skeletal System Pt. 2

Skeleton and muscles work together to create movement

Your body is made up of four main types of bones. Long bones such as the bones in your arms and legs,short bones such as the bones in your hands, feet and spine, flat bones which protect your organs and provide a place for muscles to attach, and irregular bones, which are simply all the bones that are not long, short or flat.


BoneA newborn baby has around 350 bones in their body. As they grow older, many of these bones fuse together. When two bones fuse together, they grow together,becoming one larger bone. An adult has approximately 206 bones.


Nearly half of the bones in your body are found in your hands and in your feet. Think about that. Your hands are so complex and flexible that they, along with your feet, contain half the bones in your entire body. This makes the human hand the most advanced and amazing appendage on any animal on Earth.


Hand Bones