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Nervous System

Child Waving

As you read this article, hold your hand out in front of you. Now, wave hello at yourself. Okay, now tap yourself on the head. Alright, now lets try this same experiment again, only this time we will do it a little differently. Put your arm down. Now look at your other arm. Say out loud, “move arm.” Don’€™t move it, just tell it to move. Did it move?


BrainWhy not? How does our arm know when you want it to move? Our experiment shows that your arm does not understand spoken commands. So what does it understand? What tells it to move? If you think it is your brain, you are correct.


But wait a moment. Your brain is clear up in your head, while your arm is clear down on your body. How does your brain talk to your arm? Somehow they must be connected. The connection between your brain and your arm, as well as every other part of your body, is known as your nervous system.


Nervous System