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Digestive System

Hungry - When we need to eat.

Did you hear that growling noise? What was it? All of us have been in a quiet room and heard someone’s stomach growl, or perhaps it was our own stomach that was growling. What makes our stomachs growl, and what does it mean? When we hear our stomachs make that noise, we know that it has been too long since we have eaten anything. It means that we are hungry.


Building Blocks of Life - FoodAll living things need food to survive, but why? Food provides both a source of energy as well as the building blocks to help your body grow, develop, and repair itself. Imagine that your teacher has assigned you the difficult task of building a castle out of blocks.


What do you need? Well… blocks would be nice wouldn’t they. Could you build a block castle without any blocks? Just like you need blocks to build a castle, your body needs the blocks of life to build itself. These blocks are taken into your body through your mouth by the process of eating (though we don’t recommend you eat actual blocks). Instead of toy blocks, your body uses food.


Block Food