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Cardiovascular system

The cardiovascular system is an important organ system. It is in charge of moving blood around our bodies. Without this system, there would be no way for our body to get oxygen to all the places that need it. There are lots of parts of the cardiovascular system. Some are the heart, blood vessels, and lots and lots of blood! 
Diagram of blood flow.


You probably know that humans need oxygen to survive. That’s why we need to breathe in air and can’t hold our breath for too long. But did you know that the oxygen we breathe needs to travel all around our body? How does the oxygen we breathe in through our mouth and nose get all the way to places like our feet?
The answer is that oxygen travels around our body inside of our blood cells. The cardiovascular system helps pump blood all around our body. This is to give oxygen to all our different body parts. 

The circulatory system is important because it carries oxygen around our bodies in blood cells.


Every organ system is made up of one or more organs. An organ is a group of cells in the body that all work together to perform a certain function.  Within the cardiovascular system, there are two organs: the heart and blood vessels. 
The heart is an organ in the cardiovascular system made out of muscles. Unlike the muscles in your arms or legs, the muscles in the heart work automatically. The heart is constantly working to pump blood around the body. If you put your hand on the upper left part of your chest you can feel your heart working right now! 
Anatomical drawing of a heart.

The heart is an important muscle that moves blood around the body.

Blood vessels are tiny tubes that go all around your body and help carry blood to lots of different places. The blood vessels connect to the heart, which makes the blood move through them. It’s important that blood can get everywhere in your body because blood carries oxygen. Every cell in your body needs oxygen to stay alive and do its job.  
Description of circulatory system.

Blood vessels are spread throughout the body to carry blood to the places that need it.

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