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Breaking Down Food

Eating is the first step in digestion

Through the process of digestion, your body breaks the food down into the basic blocks of life and then rebuilds them by incorporating them into your body; just like if you were to take apart a Lego dinosaur so that you could use the blocks to build your castle. Your body is constantly breaking food down,and then using the pieces to build, repair, and grow your body.


Digestive SystemThere are many parts, or organs, utilized by your digestive system. The job of each of these organs is to break food down into smaller pieces, or smaller blocks, so that by the time the food reaches the cells of your body, they are nothing more than tiny molecules.


Let’s consider a delicious hotdog for a moment.On a warm afternoon, nothing is more appetizing than a roasted hotdog. Placed in a soft bun with ketchup and mustard, this treat is almost irresistible. Grumble… there goes your stomach again.


Hot Dog