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Water is essential to survival. How long can you survive without it? After only a few hours you will begin to feel thirsty. Within a couple of days without it, you would get very sick. Without it, your body would shut down in about a week, possibly sooner. 

Water wave.

The Importance of Water

Living things need water to survive. But why is it so important? Water makes up all lifeforms on Earth. Plants, animals, and people all need it for the chemical reactions that occur in our body. 


Plants need much more water than most living things. This is partly due to the fact that 90 % of plants are composed of it. Plants use it to grow, to transport food, and to carry out chemical reactions. They also use it to keep themselves standing. When a plant does not have enough water, it will begin to wilt. So, if you see a plant beginning to wilt help it out and give it some!

Young Plant Growing In Sunlight

All living things need water to survive, this includes plants.


Plants use water as part of photosynthesis, to create their own food. Water enters a plant’s stem and travels up to the leaves. Photosynthesis takes place here. Once water reaches the leaves, it evaporates. When it evaporates, it turns to carbon dioxide. This process is called transpiration.

Plants need carbon dioxide to make food. Transpiration only occurs when there is sunlight, which is why you find dew on plants in the morning. The water can’t evaporate at night, so it remains on the leaves as what we know as dew. Evaporation is the plant’s way of cooling down, in the same way, we as humans sweat to cool off.


Your own body is about 60% water. Your cells, organs, and tissues all use it. It is in your blood and helps to transport food and chemicals to your cells. It also helps remove waste products from your body. It is used to cool you down, warm you up, and to carry out the chemical reactions that allow you to move and grow. Your body loses water through many different functions.

These functions include breathing, sweating, and digestion. Because your body loses so much, you have to drink a lot more. If you don’t drink enough, you might start to feel light-headed, which is a sign of dehydration. When you are hot, you sweat. Sweat is water that has evaporated from your body. Another important use of water is to keep your body clean. Though you may not like it, taking a bath or shower is an important part of being healthy. 


An image of the globe.

Water is key to life on earth making up the oceans, rivers, and lakes.


Water has shaped the Earth’s surface for thousands of years. It exists as a solid, liquid, and gas. The solid form is known as ice. The gaseous form is steam. Water has carved its way through Earth’s surface creating, mountains, canyons, oceans, and rivers. It has created some of the world’s most visited sites including Niagara Falls and the Grand Canyon. It is a way of transportation for people. It is also home to about 1 million animal species in the ocean.

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Written by: Sophie Sun.