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Living things need water to survive.

How long can you go without water? After only a few hours you will begin to get thirsty. Within a couple days without water you would get very sick.Without water, your body would die within about a week, possibly even sooner.


Water is important to life.Living things need water to survive. But why is water so important? All lifeforms on Earth are comprised almost entirely of water. Your own body is about 66%water. Water in your blood helps transport food and chemicals to your cells. It helps remove waste products from your body. Water is used to cool you down, to warm you up, and to carry out the chemical reactions that allow you to move and grow. Another important use of water is to keep your body clean. Though you may not like it, taking a bath or shower is an important part of being healthy.


Plants use water to grow, to transport food, and to carry out chemical reactions. In addition, plants use water as part of photosynthesis, to create their own food.


Plants use water.