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Theory of Evolution

The origin of life

The year is 2017 . You and your friends live in a variety of places, some in apartments, others in homes, trailers, cabins, condos and many other places. All around you both inside and outside there are other life forms. These life forms live in caves, trees, under rocks, in ponds and puddles, in your fish tank, on your counter tops, and in many other places. All of us, both friends and creatures, share a larger home. This home is the planet Earth.


biologistHow did we all get here? It is the job of a biologist, or someone who studies life, to learn where life came from, how it developed, and to try and determine how life will continue to develop. Biologists today are not completely sure how life began on Earth, but after many years of studying lifeforms, they have come up with guesses. We call these guesses theories.


The most commonly accepted theory is the theory of evolution. This fascinating tale begins with a very big bang, and ends with you reading this article today on our website.


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