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The Science of Genetics

Do you know anyone who has red hair? How about brown, black, or blonde hair? What other colors can you think of? There are literally hundreds of different shades of hair color that a person can have. Color is not the only characteristic of hair that helps determine how someone looks. How thick is your hair? Is it curly or straight? Do you have cowlicks?

With all the possible variations, it would be very difficult to find two people with the exact same hair color, thickness, and so on. What about your eyes.What color are they? How big are they? Are they set deep in your head, or do they bulge outward?

Yet, despite the fact that your friends and family all look very different from one another, it is still quite easy for us to tell them apart from dogs, cats, and apricot trees. What determine show someone will look? What insures that all humans look like humans, yet also still look very different from one another? This force is called genetics.