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The Five Kingdoms

Five kingdoms of life.

Biologist today have classified and divided all living things into five groups they call Kingdoms. These kingdoms are based on how living things are the same and how they are different. It is important that you understand that biologists are still learning about our world, and are making new discoveries every single day. As our knowledge about the world around us improves, scientists might find a better way to organize and classify life. As a result, these five kingdoms may someday change.


Aristotle developed a classification system of his own.This would not be the first time that such a change has been made. The first classification system developed 2,500 years ago by a Greek philosopher named Aristotle included only two groups, Plants and Animals. He further placed animals into three groups, those that fly, those that walk, and those that swim.


The five kingdoms currently accepted by most(but not all) scientists are the Monera Kingdom, the Protist Kingdom, the Fungi Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom, and the Animal Kingdom.


Scientists have created five kingdoms for classifying lifeforms.