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The Deciduous Forest Biome

A deciduous forest.

Traveling still further south, we find what is called the deciduous forest biome. These forests cover much of the Eastern United States and most of Europe. In order for a deciduous forest to thrive, the region must receive an average of about 75 cm (29.5 inches) of rain per year.


A deciduous forest in fall.The trees of a deciduous forest shed their leaves in the fall, and grow new leaves each spring. As a result, the ground is covered in a layer of old and decaying leaves. This along with the increased rain and warmer weather means that the soil of a deciduous forest is richer than that of the coniferous forest biome. Also, because more sunlight reaches the forest floor, the ground is covered with a variety of wild flowers, ferns, and brush.


A deciduous forest has very long and warm summers. Winters are still cold, but not as cold and not as long as the coniferous forest biome.


Deciduous forest landscape.