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How are these two animals the same? How are they different?

The next group thatscientists have developed to further classify living things is thePhylum (plural: phyla). Lifeforms are grouped together based once againon how they are similar and how they are different. Let’s look at aphyla found in the Animal Kingdom. Everything in the Animal Kingdom issimilar to each other in important ways. Can you think of some ways thatanimals are similar to one another? How are they different?


Animals are divided into phyla based on how they are the same and how they are different.One important way thatanimals are different is whether or not they have a backbone.Animals with a backbone belong to the Chordata Phylum. It isimportant for you to know that some members of this phylum do nothave a backbone. However, they do have a strengthening rod similarto a backbone.


How might you group your Halloween goodies intodifferent phyla? In the previous example, we decided that we would break ourtreats into two kingdoms: The Edible Kingdom and the Non-EdibleKingdom.

Under the Edible Kingdom, two possible phylamight be the Good For Me Phylum, and the Bad For Me Phylum. Again, this isonly one possible example. We encourage you to be creative in thinking ofyour own phyla.


How would you classify your Halloween candy into phyla?