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Organ Systems, Organisms

Diagram of human organ systems.

Several organs work togetherto do an important job. For example, what organs make up the nervoussystem in a human being? Some of the organs include the brain, thespinal cord, and nerves.


Organism made up of cells, tissues, organs and organ systems.So far we have seen thatcells work together to form tissues. Tissues in turn work togetherforming organs, which themselves work together on important jobs,forming organ systems.


What do you think comes next?



An organism is a completely self-sufficient lifeform. You are an organism. All of your cells, tissues, organs and organ systems come together to keep you alive. An organism cannot live without its organ systems. Remove the circulatory system from a frog, and what do you think will happen? Without the ability to move blood throughout its body,the frog will die.

Likewise, an organ system cannot live without its fellow organs nor can an organ survive without its tissues and cells. From the smallest cells to the complete organism, everything has a job to do and a role to play.