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Needs of Living Things

Living things need food to survive.

Living things need food. Some living things can produce their own, such as plants. These are called producers.

Other living things consume or eat the producers. These are called consumers, like this kitten and puppy.

What do you need to live comfortably? The list probably includes food, a home, clothes, and water. Other needs might include love, an education, friends, enough space to play, and many other things. If you have pets, what do they need to live a comfortable life? Probably many of the same things, food, shelter,water, love, exercise, and more.


Living organisms need things to survive.Living things have many different needs.Birds need twigs to build a nest, fish need water to survive, your pet hamster needs a clean cage, and plants need sunlight to make food. All around us, living things are using their environment to fill these needs.


Living things often use other living things to satisfy needs, such a sin the example of a lion that uses his prey as food, or the bacteria in your body which uses you as shelter. Other times, living things use non-living things to fulfill their needs. This might be the lizard who uses a crack in a cliff side to hide, or plants who use minerals from the soil to create food.


A beaver uses his environment to build a dam.

The Beaver Uses His Environment To Build A Dam.


All lifeforms have different needs. For example, most fish do not fly, and most birds do not swim, while most plants don’t do either. However, all lifeforms do have a few of the same basic needs in common. Almost all living things need energy, food, water,oxygen, space, and the ability to maintain homeostasis.