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Monera under a microscope.

The Monera Kingdom consists of unicellular lifeforms. Unicellular means that they only have one cell. Moneran cells are far simpler and more basic than the cells of other lifeforms. These cells have no nucleus, and are also missing many of the organelles, or parts, commonly found in other cells. For this reason, monerans are thought to be very distantly related to other lifeforms.


Heterotrophic moneran.Monera are classified into two phyla, or groups, autotrophs and heterotrophs. Autotrophsare able to create their own food, similar to plants. Heterotrophs cannot create their own food, and so must rely on autotrophs as their food source.


Bacteria are commonly placed in the Monera Kingdom. Monera are considered by many scientists to be the oldest life forms on Earth, and the ancestors of all the other types of life that have since evolved.


Microscopic view of moneran.