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Living Things Can Move

Living things move in many ways.


“HEADS UP!!!” When you hear someone yell a phrase such as “heads up”, or “duck”, what do you do? If you are like most of us, you move out of the way, and quickly. You know something, such as a ball, is about to fly past, and possibly hit you in the head if you don’t move. You might move to avoid danger, to walk, run, play, or eat. You even move in your sleep.


Living things can move.Many lifeforms can move. Just like you, they might move to find food, to find shelter, to avoid danger, or in response to their environment. Animals move in many different ways. They might use fins to push them through the water,wings to help them fly, paws and tails to help them move on land.


Plants also move. They of course cannot move as well as animals, but many plants move their stems to face the Sun, open and close flowers, and more. Some carnivorous plants even move to trap prey.