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Lifeforms Grow – Cells Divide

What would happen if you cut this frog in half?

How Do Cells Divide?

What would happen if you cut a frog in half? Would you have two live frogs? Depending on where you cut, each half would be missing important pieces that keep the frog alive. Likewise, when a cell divides, it is important that each new cell get all the pieces. Otherwise, instead of two working cells, you would only have two halves, each missing important parts.


Cell DivisionAs a cell prepares to divide, it must first replicate all of its important parts so that both of the new cells have everything they need. The most important organelle is the brain, or nucleus. Through a complex process, the nucleus splits in two, making two identical copies.


After the cells important parts are duplicated, the cell divides down the middle, forming a separate outside membrane for each of the new daughter cells. In time, each of these two new cells will also divide,which will all in turn divide again. By constantly dividing, a lifeform can grow, while their cells remain the same size.


Cells will divide again and again.