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Life Begins

Biologists try to answer the question, which came first, the chicken or the egg?

So how did life arrive onEarth?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? This riddle seems silly, but think about it. Without chickens, there could be no chickens to lay eggs. Yet, without eggs, there could be no chickens, because they could not have hatched. So which came first? A complicated question, and not just about chickens, but about all lifeforms.


Primordial Soup - The chemicals of life.What forces changed this barren wasteland into the beautiful garden that it is today? Biologists believe that the process that created life is something called evolution. Earth’s ancient oceans while lifeless, were filled with the chemicals needed for life. These chemicals were not alive, but they were there sloshing around. They call these chemicals “primordial soup”. Instead of alphabet letters, this soup was filled with amino acids,proteins, lipids, and other basic components that are commonly found in lifeforms today.


It is believed that life began on the shores of these ancient oceans in pools of water called tidal pools. These shallow pools would have been full of this “life soup”. Over many millions of years, as the ingredients of life splashed around in these pools, possibly helped by lightning strikes, they formed the first cells.