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Five kingdoms of life.

To help scientists keep this all straight, they start by classifying, or by placing lifeforms in groups called kingdoms. These kingdoms represent a very large group of lifeforms that are all similar in some ways, but can be very different from one another in other ways. The five kingdoms that biologists have developed are the Monera Kingdom, the Protist Kingdom,the Fungi Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom, and the Animal Kingdom.

How would you divide your Halloween goodies into kingdoms? Remember, we are trying to come up with only a few different types of classification groups. One possible way to divide the treats into kingdoms could be the Edible Kingdom, and the Non-Edible Kingdom. The word “edible” means that you can eat it. All your edible goodies would go in one pile, and all your non-edible goodies, like pencils,stickers, tooth brushes, etc, could go in another. It is important to note that this is only an example. If you choose to divide your stuff differently, you are not incorrect. Even today among scientists there is still much debate about how things should be divided.