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What is Cytoplasm?

Cytoplasm is a jelly-like substance found inside all cells.

As you travel through the cell membrane and enter the cell, you will find yourself floating in a kind of jelly. This jelly that fills the inside of a cell is called Cytoplasm. Cytoplasm helps to hold the cell’s organelles(small organs) in place.


Cytoplasm helps give cells structure.Cytoplasm also gives the cell structure. Think of a balloon. An empty balloon does not have much structure. However, if we fill it with something, like water,it begins to take shape.


Cytoplasm also helps the cell move proteins,chromosomes and other materials, including the cells organelles, around the cell.


You can see the cytoplasm of these cells? It is the pink area.

Look Closely. Do you see the cytoplasm? It is the pink area.