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Cell Structure


Fasten your seat belts. You are about to see a world that is all around you, and yet so small that you probably have never seen it before. What is this world? It is the world inside your body, and inside the bodies of all living things. It is the world of the cell.

How big are cells? Cell scan range in size from the largest, which are about the size of a period at the end of this sentence, to the smallest, which are so tiny they can only be seen with very powerful microscopes.


Did you know?

A couple of exceptionally large cells exist. One example is the yoke of an egg which is actually a very large cell.

Inside a cell are tiny organs called organelles.The word organelle is a big word that means small organ. These organelles function to provide for the needs of the cell. They work to bring in food supplies, get rid of waste, protect the cell, repair the cell, and help it grow and reproduce.