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What is Biology

The word Biology is made up of two smaller words, "bio" and "logy."" Bio means life. Logy means a study of science. When we put these two words together, what do we get? Bio-logy, or Biology, the science of life.

But wait a minute, what is life? What kinds of things are alive? Well, to begin with, you and I are alive. Your families, friends and neighbors are also alive, so are your pets, your lawn, trees, plants, the food you eat, and the bugs that you watch crawl on the sidewalk. Life is all around us. From gigantic whales that live in the oceans, to tiny germs that crawl around on your computer keyboard.

Biology is the science of learning about every kind of life, no matter where it is, or how big or small it is. A biologist is a person who studies life, or who studies biology. KidsBiology.com invites you to become a Junior Biologist.

Have fun as you study these exciting topics.