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Winter Wren

About Winter Wren

A very small, plump, active bird with distinctive short, upturned tail and spike-like bill. Upper parts and wings reddish brown, barred with darker brown; underparts buffish brown. Pale eyebrow. Blackish brown bill, paler below; dark brown eyes; pinkish brown legs.

This bird breeds in the spring and summer. Males will make several domed nests of leaves, grasses and mosses in low growing vegetation, a rock or wall crevice, and sometimes an abandoned bird’s nest. The female will choose the nest that she wants to use. She will have 5-8 white eggs, sometimes with tiny spots or speckles of black or reddish brown. The female will take care of the eggs for 14-17 days. Both parents will take care of the chicks.

These birds are restless, busy, and amazingly noisy for such a tiny bird. This bird is one of the most common and successful small songbirds over much of its wide range. They will draw attention to themselves by loud scolding calls and explosive, warbling song, but it is not always easy to spot as it forages among low, dense vegetation.

It will fly low and fast on whirring wings before diving back into it’s cover. It will usually hunt alone, but at night they will roost together for warmth in cold weather. If they live in a region with mild winters, they will stay on in their breeding territory. But in harsher winters they will go south.