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Tundra Swan

About Tundra Swan

The Tundra is the widespread and more highly migratory swan in North America.

This swan is a large, shorter-necked swan with rounded forehead, which sets off the bill profile. The bare skin on the lores narrows to a point before the eye. The upper edge of the bill where it meets the forehead is a smoothly curved shallow U-shape when seen from the front. The adult is white throughtout. The bill is black with variable yellow patch at bill base, extending forwad from eye; Yellowish stripe on lower mandible along cutting edge. The legs are black. The younger birds are a dull whitish-gray throughout, but some become mostly white by midwinter. The bill is pink to base, including loral skin; this darkens from base outward as the bird ages. Obvious black nostril on pink bill.

The Tundra Swan is most likely confused with the larger Trumpeter Swan, but the Tundra has a shorter bill, steeper forehead, and rounder crown.

The call of the Tundra Swan is a loud barking and somewhat goose-like kwooo.

This swan breeds in lakes and ponds. Its migration is on the Great Lakes then moves to more coastal lakes as it gets colder in late October and November.