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Striped Policeman

About Striped Policeman

The Striped Policeman is found through Africa, south of the Sahara Desert, Madagascar and the Seychelles Islands northeast of Madagascar. Its habitat is tropical forest. Its time of flight is daylight. As a caterpillar, the head is red or yellow with black spots, the body is pale yellow with purplish-red bands. As a butterfly, the color is varying shades of brown, darker around the outer wings. The rear edges of the hind wings are trimmed with orange. In the females, the underside of the hindwings have a large white spot on each side. The top side of the hindwings are very light brown edged with dark brown. The Striped Policeman butterfly has angular wings which are wider in the forewings and becoming shorter and more round in the hindwings. These butterflies have a rapid flight and earned their name from the way the seem to patrol their territories during the daytime. The Striped Policeman butterfly is attracted to the flowers of low-growing plants.