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Spot-Billed Duck

About Spot-Billed Duck

This dark brown duck is an Asian species and a very rare vagrant to Alaska. It is identical in structure and habits to that of a Mallard. It can be found in India and Southeast Asia on freshwater marshes and lakes, lagoons and rivers.

The yellow tip on the black bill is visible at great distances. The male and female are a lot alike, only the female is slightly lighter. The head is pale with a light gray stripe beginning at the base of the bill. The body is dark brown, and the flank feathers have dark centers with pale edges giving a scalloped inpression, and the speculum is bluish with a white border.

The call of the female is a loud quack. The male gives a raspy kreep.

The Spot-Billed Duck is widespread and common throughout its range in Asia. But sometimes it is accidental to Kodiak Island in Alaska.

The population of this duck is unknown as there has been little study done.