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Snow Goose

About Snow Goose

The Snow Goose is the larger and common white Arctic goose. It is medium size with a pink bill and a “grin patch” along the cutting edge of the bill. The adult’s legs are pink, immature’s legs are dusky pink. The adult is white with black primaries. Often the face is stained rust from the oxides in the water. The younger is similar to the adult, but gray-brown wash on the head, neck and upperparts; dark centered tertials. While in flight it shows dusky secondaries.

A similar species is the Ross Goose, but the adult Snow Geese of both morphs have “black “grinning patch’ on bill, are larger, longer necked, and longer billed. The Blue Goose has a white head and neck and blue wing panel.

The call of this bird is a barking whouk or kowluk.

Abundant, casual to Europe, now they are rare in Japan when once they were numerous. They are growing since the 1960s and they are over-grazing sensitive grassy tundra.