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Rudd Fish

About Rudd Fish

The Rudd is thought to be the most beautiful of all the European shoal fish. This fish was once called the golden fish of the lake. The Rudd fish has a very gentle nature. Sometimes the Rudd can and is confused with the Roach fish but it has a distinctive protruding lower jaw and its dorsal fin is set further back. The Rudd likes to surface feed in the warmer time of year on flying insects, mayflies, crane flies and various sedges. On the warm evenings when there are a lot of flying insects, the shoals of Rudd will surface, much like trout, and feed. But when the weather is cooler, they like to bottom feed on shrimps, worms and caddis larvae. Sometimes the larger fish may hunt and catch newly-netted younger fish, including their own young, and feed on them. Spawning is in later spring in the weed beds. There is a lemon-finned Rudd that is found in estate lakes, and a golden Rudd that is used in ornamental ponds.

The back of the Rudd is olive shading into bright gold flanks. The underside is creamy yellow. All the fins are brilliant orange-yellow. There is also a rather rare lemon-finned variant.