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Roach Fish

About Roach Fish

The adult roach is a hump-backed, deep-bodied fish. The body is oval. The shape of this fish may change according to its environment; the faster the water moves the slimmer the fish is.

These fish like to gather and stay in shoals, and they will gather in hundreds of fish. Shoals will mix with rudd and bream and when it is time to spawn, which is in the late spring and early summer, the roach will fertilize the eggs of these other species and vice versa. When the eggs hatch the roach will also eat their young. This fish is usually a bottom feeder, however, it will rise to the surface to eat hatching insects. The roach tend to overbreed, leading to a stunted fish population because there is a lack of natural food.

The roach is blue-gray on the back shading to bright silvery flanks. The underside is creamy white. All fins are tinged red, the brightest being the pelvic and anal fins.