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Reindeer or Caribou

About Reindeer or Caribou

Reindeer, or Caribou, are the only species of deer in the world where both the male and female have antlers. They live in the arctic tundra where snow can be on the ground for up to half of the year. Their hooves are like snowshoes in that they keep the reindeer on top of the snow. In the fall, caribou will wander south to forests where they feed on leaves, twigs and lichen, which is a moss-like material that grow on rocks and trees. In the summer months, they spend their time in the arctic tundra. Reindeer herds will travel up to 65 mi. (100km) a day. In North America, reindeer herds and be as large and 500,000 animals. In Scandinavia, reindeer herds are smaller, numbering several hundreds animals. In Siberia and Europe, reindeer were domesticated thousands of years ago and today are still kept for meat and milk.