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Red Jungle Fowl

About Red Jungle Fowl

The male has long, glossy red neck plumes and tail feathers and long dark greenish wing feathers and tail feathers and leg spurs; female has streaked red-brown, yellowish and blackish plumage; lacks ornamental feathers and leg spurs; has small area of bare skin on head.

The breeding season varies; often during the dry season in spring. Their nest is a simple scrape in the ground lined with grass and other vegetation, and hidden in dense cover. The female lays 4-9 pale buff to reddish-brown eggs. She then incabates them for 18-20 days.

The Red Jungle Fowl is the ancient relative of the common chicken. There are over twice as many chickens in the world as humans. Wild jungle birds are very shy and more often heard than seen.

The males look similar to domesicated roosters. He also crows like the tame rooster to proclaim his territory and attract a harem of females. His red comb and wattles and long erectile neck feathers are there to impress.