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Pygmy Glider

About Pygmy Glider

These nocturnal, mouse-sized marsupials are the smallest gliding marsupials in the world. The Pygmy Glider can glide up to 82 feet (25 meters) in a single glide.

The flaps of skin that allow this marsupial to glide are attached from the forearms to the forelegs on each side of the body and do not extend beyond the elbows or knees.

The Pygmy Glider’s tail is a very important part of its body. Not only is it a prehensile tail (it grips trees like a hand), but it also steers it as it glides through the air, and helps it slow down as it approaches a place to land. Its tail is the same length as its body and head.

The female Pygmy Glider can hold four young in her pouch. The young stay in her pouch even when she is gliding.

These cute little marsupials originate from the Eastern Coast of Australia.