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Pumpkinseed Fish

About Pumpkinseed Fish

The Pumpkinseed Fish is thought to be one of the prettiest of all the North American panfish. The Pumpkinseed fish is a colorful distinctive fish. This fish is sometimes called the sunfish.

This fish spawns May to early August. They lay their eggs in a crude nest that they scoop out of the mud or gravel in the bottom of the lakes and ponds. After the female lays her eggs, the male will stand and guard over the eggs. Even though the male Pumkinseed is small, it is able to drive away most fish who threaten its eggs.

The male will stand quard for a few days until the fish are able to care for themselves. The male then loses interest and wanders away and looks for food after all the hard work he did.

The baby fish eat mainly zooplankton. The Pumpkinseed fish really like weedbeds. They are strong swimmers, and they spend much of their life going from one weedbed to the next looking for food.

The color of the body is olive green. This background color is overlaid with attractive blue and yellow spots. Electric blue lines run from the corner of the mouth to the edge of the gill plates, each gill plate having a distinctive red-tipped black spot.