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Pink-Footed Goose

About Pink-Footed Goose

This is a midsize brownish gray goose a lot like the structure of a Greater White-Fronted Goose. This bird is from Greenland and is most likely to be found in the Northeast.

Its legs and feet are pink and the bill is black with extensive pink on terminal half. The young ones may show a dull or ever orange tone to its legs. The adult is brown with a darker head and white belly. The upperparts tipped white, creating neatly barred appearance. The upperparts show a gray wash that contrasts with the brownish upperparts. Hind flanks are dark barred. The younger are like the adults except they lack the white edge to their flanks and barring on flanks. Their legs are often orange-tinged.

There are similar species to the Pink-Footed Goose which is the Bean Goose (the Tundra Bean but not the Taiga Bean).

The call of this bird is a high pitched ayayak.

These birds often build their nests on cliffs near glaciers. This helps protect them from predators like the Arctic Fox. They also will build their nests on small islands in the middle of lakes or rivers.

The females will lay 3-6 eggs. After the eggs hatch, the goslings will stay with their parents until the begin to fledge, which happens around day 56.