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Pine Grosbeak

About Pine Grosbeak

Large, stout, long-bodied finch with long forked tail and strong, stout, slightly hooked blackish bill. Male is crimson to bright raspberry pink with black mottling on back and “shoulders” and blackish wings and tail; two white wingbars; blackish eyestripe and often gray crescent below eye; lower belly white; legs, bill and eyes dark brown. Femles and immature birds greenish-yellow to russet on head, back and rump with grayish “shoulders” and belly, flanks, undertail and rump.

The Pine Grosbeak breeds in the early summer. The female builds the nest in a loose cup of twigs lined with rootlets, grasses, mosses and lichens. She will have 3-5 blue-green eggs, spotted and blotched with black, purple and brown, incubated by the female. The male will bring her food during this time.

During the breeding season this bird is unobtrusive and prefers to remain hidden in the foliage, in contrast to feeding flocks in winter that are often amazingly tame and very easy to approach closely.

These wanderers may visit towns to take advantage of berry-bearing shrubs or trees. These birds can be attracted to bird feeders with sunflower seeds.