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Pied Flycatcher

About Pied Flycatcher

Compact, rounded, short-tailed bird with quite short bill. Breeding male has mainly black upperparts, often grayer on nape, shoulders and rump; broad white wingbar; white outer tail feathers; white splash or spots on forehead; and white underparts.

This bird breeds in summer. The female will build a loose cup nest of grasses leaves, roots and other pliable plant material, lined with grass and hair, in a tree hole, wall crevice or nestbox. She will lay 4-7 pale blue eggs, incubated by the female for 12-13 days.

Flycatchers get their name from their characteristic hunting technique of making brief sallies to snatch flies and other winged insects out of the air. The Pied Flycatcher is more mobile, and rarely returns to the same perch after catching its victims. It will search for prey in twigs and leaves, and sometimes on the ground. It spends a lot of time in dense foliage, but will flit out to intercept insects before disappearing again.