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About Perch

The Perch is a freshwater shoal fish found throughout the British Isles and much of Europe, South Africa, Australasia and Asia. There is a yellow perch that is closely related which is an American and southern Canadian species.

When a perch is large it is a bold, attractive, rather chunky fish. The body is oval and as the fish begins to grow it develops a humped back. This fish has two dorsal fins, the first is armed with long sharp spines, and only the first spine of the second dorsal is sharp. The perch has rough scales that are rough to the touch, and the gill plate culminates in a sharp bony spike.

The perch likes to eat worms, small fish, nymphs and larvae, as well as many of their owm small perch. They are a skulking species, and are found close to beds of reed and bullrush. Their striped bodies make it easy for them to hide in the aquatic vegetation.

Perch breed in the late spring, laying their eggs onto any soft weed beds that they can find.

The European perch is dark olive on the back with gold sides marked by vertical dark bars. The yellow perch is similar but is a lot lighter in color.