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Northern Pike/Pike

About Northern Pike/Pike

This fish is made for a life of murder and mayhem, and the pike blends in with the beds of water weed. The tails are large as well as the fins, and this gives the fish a rapid acceleration.

The heads of the pikes are flattened and the large eyes are set high up into the skull. The pike has jaws that are large, strong and bony. The teeth are pointed and long and there is a ridge of sharp but small teeth on the roof of its mouth.

The pikes are a lazy fish and are happy to eat the dead creatures around them. They are also great hunters and very active and capable of catching fish of up to half their own body size. They will also attack ducklings and young waterfowl in the shallow waters. They also eat rats, voles and frogs.

The pike spawn in the early spring, shedding their eggs on sunken tree roots or weed stems. Once the pike are hatched they began eating other pikes their own size.

The pike is bronze or olive green on the back. Flanks light olive with an overlay of creamy spots and blotches. The fins are red to yellow, the underside is white.