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Mute Swan

About Mute Swan

This is a large waterbird with a long, slender neck and pointed tail. Pure white plumage; black legs and feet. Orange bill with black base and prominent black knob above the base, larger in the male.

Mute Swans pair for life. They build very large nests of sticks and reeds near the water, with a hollow in the center that is lined with down. They have 5-7 bluish-gray or green eggs, incubated by both parents for 34-38 days.

This beautiful graceful mute swan is a familiar bird and is frequently seen on lakes in town parks. A mute swan often swims with its neck curved in an S-shape, unlike the more goose-like tundra swans. It eats by reaching down to the bottom of the water with its long neck while swimming on the surface, and often up-ends like a dabbling duck. It has a hard time during take off because of its weight. Once in the air it makes a loud, throbbing noise that is unique.