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About Muskellunge

The Muskellunge, or Muskie, is a long streamlined fish built for short bursts of high speed. The dorsal and anal fins of the Muskellunge are set will back on the body. The jaws are large, powerful and filled with long sharp teeth. The roof of the mouth is full of additional pads of gripping teeth. Muskie are opportunist feeders and they feed on other fish. They devour swimming snakes, frogs, waterbirds and muskrats. A natural cannibal, these fish will attack and eat smaller muskie. Muskies will hide in water weeds and other underwater reed beds and attack whatever comes close enough for them to eat.

They spawn in early spring. The huge female is well taken care of by the male which is quite a bit smaller than she is. When the young hatch they stay hidden in the weedy shallows out of reach of their hungry parents.

The Muskie was once very common but are now decreasing due to over fishing and pollution taking a constant toll.

The back of the adult muskie is olive-bronze shading to bronze on the sides. The body color is overlaid by dark blotches.