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Muscovy duck

About Muscovy duck

This large tropical duck is found throughout North, Central and South America. A few wild flocks can also be found in Europe. There are domestic birds in parks throughout North America and they are widely established in Florida. This duck is mostly active at dusk and dawn and perches on branches or floating debris.

Adults are blackish with iridescent greenish and purple highlights. The male is glossier than the female, with a dark reddish knob above the bill. The female is duller and smaller and lacks the knob on the bill. The younger ducks are duller, and slowly acquire the white wing patch during their first winter.

These ducks breed in nests in holes, hollow trees or earth banks. The female will lay 8-16 eggs in a clutch. The eggs are incubated for 35 days. Domestic birds can breed up to three times a year. Both the female and male take care of the young ducklings.