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Lesser White-Fronted Goose

About Lesser White-Fronted Goose

A medium size brown goose. This goose is extremely similar to the White-Fronted Goose, but stockier in structure, shorter-necked, and smaller-billed, with longer and narrower wings. The wings of this goose extend beyond the tail when folded. The legs and feet are a deep orange. The bill is pink. The orbital ring is yellow.

The adult white “front” extends back beyond the eye. Brown below with minimal black barring on the underside of the belly.

The call of this bird is a high-pitched yelping.

This bird is found throughout the northern regions of the world. They will breed anywhere from Scandinavia to Siberia.

This bird’s population has been decreasing over the last several decades. Efforts are being made to protect this bird and help its number increase.