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Landlocked Salmon

About Landlocked Salmon

The Landlocked Salmon is considered to be identical in every way to the sea running Atlantic Salmon. At one time, the Landlocked Salmon existed over a much larger area than it does today.

Originally it was in the Canadian maritime provinces, a lot of New England, Lake Ontario and a few lakes in New York’s Adirondacks. The Landlocked Salmon started to decline while civilization grew. Deforestation on lake shores meant a gradual warming up of water temperatures.

The Landlocked Salmon spawns between mid October and the end of November. Migration will take place between the lakes and flowing rivers. The female Lanklocked Salmon will dig a redd, or nest, in wind-rippled shallows where the bottom is comprised of clean gravel. Landlocked Salmon fry feed on small aquatic insects. They will remain in the river of their birth for up to two years, at which time they will migrate back into the lakes where they begin to feed on small food fish.

They will usually reach about 30 inches (76cm) in the seventh year of their lives.