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About Huchen

The Huchen is one of the four Eurasian salmonids. They are similar in shape to the Atlantic Salmon, it has a larger head and adipose fin. The scales of this fish are a lot smaller than those of a trout and salmon. Huchens grow very quickly and in good years their weight will increase 4 lbs (1.8kg).

The Huchen lays eggs in March and April. The adults migrate upstream into smaller tributary rivers. They lay their eggs in clean gravel where the water is shallow and well oxygenated.

The female will dig a hole and the eggs are laid, fertilized and then covered up.

When the young are hatched they have a large yolk sac. Once the sac is gone it will start to feed on tiny crustaceans.
At this point they start to grow fast and they become predators. At first the young fish travel and feed in shoals. Once they are older they become solitary feeders, where they will take up feeding positions in weirs and deep holes in the river beds.

The Huchen are dark brown/dark violet on the back, reddish sides and silver underparts. The body surface is covered in minute dark spots.