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Grizzled Skipper

About Grizzled Skipper

The Grizzled Skipper is found in the palearctic region which consists of Europe, Asia east to Japan, and also Northern Africa including the Sahara Desert. Is it most commonly found in Europe and temperate Asia. The Grizzled Skipper”s habitat is wetlands and lowlands and its main time of flight is daytime. It feeds on cinquefoil and other similar plants. As a caterpillar, the Grizzled Skipper is green with brown stripes and a large black head. As a butterfly, the Grizzled Skipper is mainly brown in color. The male of the species is dark brown with white spots in a checkered pattern on the edges of the wings with a few more scattered white spots occurring over the distal halves of the wings. The female of the species is light brown with the same pattern of white spots occurring on the wings. The Grizzled Skipper is a rather small species of butterfly with a wingspan of about 1 inch.