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Green-Winged Teal

About Green-Winged Teal

This is a tiny, holearctic dabbler, and is frequently seen foraging on mudflats.

The Green-Winged Teal has a small, compact body; rounded head; and a short, thin bill. The adult male has a chestnut head with a large green ear patch, and it also has a vertical white bar on each flank.

The adult female has a dull brown body and head, black bill with dull orange edges, a pale line on the sides of the undertail coverts, and white belly. There are two subspecies in North America, the carolinensis species is widespread.

The call of the male is a sharp whistle kreek and the female give a high, thin quack.

The Green-Winged Teal is common and widespread. They like to breed in wooded ponds, potholes, and tundra pools.