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Green Turtle

About Green Turtle

The Green Turtle spends its life in the water. It has a smooth shell that makes it easy for it to glide through the water and its strong front legs move like wings. They are able to stay under the water for over 30 minutes without going to the surface to breathe.

Their diet consists of seaweed and seagrass, which they break off with their sharp-edged jaws.

When they nest on sandy beaches, they do so in the dark for protection from predators. The female digs a hole in the sand then lays her eggs in it. She then buries her eggs and heads back out to sea. She will lay about 100 eggs at a time. In about 3 months the baby turtles hatch and dig their way to the surface. They then instictively head for the water. This is a dangerous trip for the baby turtles as they are vunerable to being snatched up by birds.