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About Grayling

This is a beautiful fish that is a member of the freshwater salmon family and are survivors from the Ice Age. This fish has a long slim body and pointed snout. The gill and the jaw plates are hard and bony. The dorsal fin is large and the adipose fin is tiny. The dorsal fin of the female is small and is high in the front sloping toward the rear. On the male the dorsal fin is low in the front and rises toward the rear. Graylings eat small fish, aquatic and surface insects, freshwater shrimps, nymphs and water snails.

This fish breeds in the early spring when the fish will move upstream to lay its eggs on the headwater shallows of where they were born. During the past 100 years this fish has been put into a lot of streams.

The Grayling is very sensitive to pollution, and they will not tolerate anything but the purest of waters. They can quickly over-populate some rivers and so they are regarded as little more than pests on trout and salmon rivers.